Remapping FAQ

How long does Remapping take?
To remap a vehicle in standard form or mild tune we book in 2 hour slots.
For DYNO Tuning we book in 4 hour slots with before and after figures

Are you mobile or do I come to you?
We are fully garage based tuning company with In-House DYNO. For the best solution in remapping your vehicle it is advisable to come to us and be tuned on our 2WD DYNO. 
We do also offer a mobile service and will consider travelling to all locations. Final price of the mobile Remap will ultimately depend on the distance to you from our workshop in Long Eaton.

Can any vehicle be Remapped?
Nearly all vehicles from 1999 onwards can be remapped via the OBD Port. Some vehicles do however take longer than others. And some vehicles, especially the newer vehicles, require the ECU to be removed in order to remap them. Please check our vehicle coverage list or call us to discuss as new vehicles are being added all the time!

What happens to my standard map?
We store all your standard maps so your vehicle can be put back to standard form at any time. We will hold onto your standard map as required. If you wish, we can happily provide this to you via email or on a CD so you can hold onto it for your own future reference.

Why a Remap and not a Tuning Box?
The option other than a proper Remap is a plug-in Tuning Box. People ask which is best, and our answer is always a Remap. A Tuning Box simply gives false sensor values throughout the complete rev range. The ECU is constantly told (or fooled) that not enough fuel is entering the engine, so it over-fuels the engine to gain performance. Although performance gains are made, these are at the cost of high emissions, higher engine temperatures, and general poor running of the engine. Many sellers of Tuning Boxes state that they are completely invisible, as they can be removed. This is not the case, diagnostics tools will show errors which have been caused by the incorrect fuelling. Problems related to Tuning Boxes are poor running, black smoking from the exhaust, rough idle, and clogged injectors and even engine's cutting out. Cheap Tuning Boxes are a posh eBay resistor in a box, more expensive ones have processors in but still only fool the engine into how much fuel is being put in.

How will the Remap affect my fuel consumption?
Depending on what your requirements are and your driving style depends on what your fuel economy will be. If you go for an outright maximum power output and drive it as so, you can expect to see it decrease as it would without the map. If you get the map to increase torque low down and drive conservatively then it is likely that fuel economy will increase. Improvements in fuel consumption of up to 20% are possible, especially in turbo diesel powered engines. Economy tuning can also have a dramatic effect on fuel consumption, with considerable improvements being achieved along with huge money savings on fuel.

How will the Remap affect the longevity of my engine?
The Remap will obviously increase the power output of your vehicle and depending on how you drive depends on how reliable it is for you. If you drive it harder then naturally you can expect to decrease the life of your engine but likewise if you thrashed it without even having it Remapped then you would expect this to be the case anyway. The Remap does not in any way stress the engine so the Remap itself does not affect the longevity, only your driving style.

Can it be reversed?
The beauty of the Remap is that this process is completely reversible without any trace, therefore if within 7 days you are not entirely happy with your Remap and want your vehicle put back to standard form, we will carry this out FREE OF CHARGE with a FULL REFUND minus the installation charge and any fuel surcharge or charges we incur. Tests may need to be carried out dependent upon the nature of request. If after 7 days you wish to reverse the process and return your vehicle to standard form then we will carry this out FREE OF CHARGE but NO REFUND will be given unless there is any specific issue, fuel surcharge or charges we incur however will be applied. Any vehicle that has a fault that is exaggerated by tuning, NO REFUND will be given, we will however return your vehicle to standard for safety reasons until any faults can be rectified, the remap will be reinstalled once all faults are rectified.

I have other modifications…
Let us know in advance the modifications you have, this isn’t a problem and we specialise in this! We can map to simple exhaust modifications, all the way through to hybrid turbo conversions or larger engine rebuilds! On and off the DYNO!

I intend to make further modifications…
Again, let us know what you’re planning so we can advise the best way forward and can even offer great package deals on other performance upgrades.

Is Remapping better then chipping?
Remapping is the modern technique replacing chipping. It reads and writes to your ECU via the OBD Port, or directly onto the ECU if the ECU itself needs removing in order to be remapped. Chipping your car requires opening of the ECU and installing a pre-programmed chip which is a fixed one map suits all. They do not take into account other modifications and cannot be mapped to suit particular requirements. This is not a resistor that fools your ECU, it is the genuine article.

What if I want to sell my vehicle?
If you wish to sell the vehicle with the Remap on then no problem, if you wish to have it reversed back to standard form then again no problem as we store all original ECU Maps in our Database. There will be a flat installation fee of £100 to do this plus any fuel surcharge or charges we incur.

What about my insurance?
This is up to you. We have to advise that you inform your insurance companies that the Remap has been carried out but as there is no way for them to read this map, it is up to you what you do. It is your responsibility.

What warranty do you give?
As we change nothing on your vehicle other than a software map, there is nothing really for us to give a warranty on other than the software map itself. If for some obscure reason you suffer a problem, we will do our utmost to help you including returning your vehicle to standard for any testing. We must stress though that all vehicles must be maintained & serviced accordingly, and free from defects prior to tuning. We retain the right to refuse to carry out work on any vehicle that is not in good running condition or roadworthy. We do not accept responsibility for any serviceable item/mechanical part (including turbo’s, clutches/flywheels & engine internals) that fail. We accept no claim for labour under any circumstances. Any faults found with the software will be rectified, any fault that has found to be not related to the software a charge will be incurred for any diagnostics work carried out.

Will I lose the Remap if I disconnect the battery?
The Remap is a software change hard written to the ECU. This means that if you disconnect your battery you will not lose the Remap itself.

How will the Remap affect my warranty?
The modification to the map is virtually undetectable by main dealer diagnostic equipment and therefore unless you tell them that it has been done, they will be none the wiser so your warranty will be unaffected. However if it is found by main dealer it may affect your warranty.

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