Smart Models

Please scroll down and find your model to find out how much you can increase the power of your Smart by with a Tuned n' Styled Remap. All power and torque figures are a guide and can be more (if you have additional modifications) or less depending on the engine condition.

Speed limiters can be removed on request – £No Charge.

Click on a model name to contact us regarding a remap.

Smart ForFour

Model Original bhp Tuned bhp Original NM Tuned NM Dyno
Smart ForFour 1,5 CDI 95  95 hp 118 hp 210 NM 265 NM  
Smart ForFour 1.5 CDI 68  68 hp 93 hp 160 NM 210 NM  

Smart Roadster

Model Original bhp Tuned bhp Original NM Tuned NM Dyno
Smart Roadster 61  61 hp 78 hp 95 NM 125 NM  
Smart Roadster 82  82 hp 97 hp 110 NM 130 NM  

Smart Smart

Model Original bhp Tuned bhp Original NM Tuned NM Dyno
Smart 45  45 hp 68 hp 70 NM 97 NM  
Smart CDI 41  41 hp 59 hp 100 NM 139 NM  
Smart CDI 55  55 hp 68 hp 80 NM 98 NM  


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1st January 2013

Happy New Year to all and Happy 1st Birthday to my Son!! 🙂 To celebrate these occasions and my own birthday this month I shall be running offers throughout January, they could end at any time so be quick… The first offer is not BOGOF but 3 for 2 on all Retail Remaps with the cheapest Remap being free…

24th June 2012

I am pleased to announce the new site is a success thanks to A2B Designers Ltd, Myself and Adam at A2B have worked long and hard to bring you this new improved site, more pages, more info and now a gallery too.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as A2B and myself enjoyed putting it together ready for launch.

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15th January 2012

Happy New Year To All , Remaps starting from £175 …
To follow on from Christmas and to wish everybody a happy new year we have decided to discount our starting map price to £175 …This offer is subject to end at any time so you need to be quick to take advantage of this offer …

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14th September 2011

Fleet Management Solutions
In-gear RPM, torque and max speed limiters can all be installed within your ECU to preserve engine life, improve mpg consumption and reduce the risk of exceeding speed limits.

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