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  • Edward:

    Cheers guys! Fuel consumption – wonderful.Overall car drives and feels superb.Would definitely recommend.(MAZDA 6 SPORT 2.2L DIESEL – dpf & egr + Stage 1 remap).

  • Tammy:

    Has my zafira 1.9cdti remapped using these guys amazing I was abit apprehensive about having it chipped and that but had it done and must admit I was really surprised mpg went up and the difference in the speed was amazing too and I had no probs with my dpf that was the main reason why I had it done but very much recommend to anyone these guys really know what they are doing thanks Nic 

  • Richard:

    Had my A5 remapped last week. Pleased with performance and mpg. Was recommended by a friend who had used them twice.

  • Kat:

    Can't fault these guys at all. Went out of their way to get my car booked in in such short notice. Professional and polite but are also happy to have a laugh with you at the same time. Sorted my car out and also spotted another common problem which they will be fixing and it will not cost me a penny thanks to their advice. Most deffo using them for future work and will recommend them to other diesel car owners that I know. . Thanks guys! 

  • Steve Mondeo MK3 (Coventry):

    Bit late with this one…..

    Had the car in 22/8/2015 Mondeo 2.0 diesel Ghia Auto

    I set the cruise control at 60 on the sat nav from Coventry to the centre and got 65.9mpg (I had no idea it was that good) and wondered if I was just chucking my money away. I returned home same speed and got 72.5mpg so a definite improvement. The throttle response is fantastic also, it really does pull lovely now.

    Also the pain in the backside auto that wouldn't go into 5th gear unless you were doing about 53mph has come down to 48, so fuel round and about is probably improved yet again.

    Very Pleased! I will let them have any other diesels I own in the future……

  • Audi A3 TDI 2.0 PD 140

    Hi Nic,


    Had the Audi out today on a big run and loved the new performance. Really notice the difference especially in 3rd and 4th gear when over taking and going for more power. Cheers for the work.


  • Kyle:

    Vectra sri 150. Remapped the car drives 100% better now. Better pull through all gears

    excellent service would definatly recomend. Cheers

  • Kyle:

    Vectra sri 150. Remapped the car drives 100% better now. Better pull through all gears

    excellent service would definatly reccomend. Cheers

  • Kenny maclean:

    Excellent job from Nic on my astra 1.9 CDTI 120 car really flies now, egr delete perfect, prompt service ,good value, slight improvement on mpg. Many thanks Kenny.


  • Andrew:

    A little bit delayed but never mind. I had my car remapped by Nic back in May/June 2013, 1.9 CDTi astra with an 888 style remap. After checking on AOC 90% of reviews pointed to him. 

    Ended up with 170 at the wheels (checked on a RR 2 months ago) on the button (roughly 200 flywheel), the car drives well and really does pull. 

    In terms of mpg it made no difference at all, but that wasn't the real purpose of it. 

    My only regret is when it was done everyone including Nic recommended 170/200 without any other mods, but now I see loads of people and sites running upto 225/230 with no other mods and really wish I'd gone for something stronger. 

  • Chris:

    Astra 1.9 CDTI 150

    Went to see Nic at the weekend after online recomendations. Blown away by the results.. its like a completely different car!

  • Chris:

    I recently bought a Zafira 1.9 150 and have read up the dreaded story's of the Dpf faults. After a lot of searching I came across these guys at Tuned and Styled. I am based in kent which is approx 2.5hr away. 

    After speaking to Nic the week before, I booked the car in. And all I can say from the Minute Arrived to the minute i left, I recieved a professional friendly service at a great price.

    I was some what excited to see what the car drove like and to press the sport button. I choose the 175 off the button and 210 on the button. All i can say is what a great job he done. The drive back was a lot quicker and enjoyable than the drive up. Even made a few big engined cars look stupid.

    All in all , if you are looking for a great friendly service from a team who know what there doing, visit Tuned n styled. 


    Thanks guys.

  • Mat:

    After a lot of research on forums i came across tuned n styled, it just happened they were local and very highely rated, i got my astra booked in for a 888 style remap decat and egr delete and boy was it worth it. The map is fantastic very smooth but pulls like a train in all gears, i had it done a week ago and have just done a trip to mablethorpe over the weekend i chose to use the back roads to put the map through its paces and it was the deffinatly worth it averaged 47mpg aswell so cant complain on back roads with a heavy foot thanks tuned and styled

  • Dilan:

    Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) Reduced 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete (180hp on Sports Button, 150hp off)

    I have been meaning to get the EGR deleted from ECU for a while now. Finally got around to it with the addition of a 888 style map and I must say I am very impressed with the map and service I received. 

    Many thanks Nic

  • Paul White:

    Had my Passat 2.0 170 TDi booked in yesterday for DPF Delete, EGR and Stage1 Remap. The car was smoking when I got there as I had been somewhere else before to get the DPF done but it was not right, but got it sorted properly by Nic, the drive home was like being in a new car well worth the trip I won't be using anyone else.  

  • Mike:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map

    Had the Astra remapped the other day and first impressions are positive it certainly made it a bit easier to live with on a daily basis, it would be wrong to compare it to my old 335i however 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears are pretty violent so it might still sound like a tractor but it’s certainly a recipe of surprise for petrol equivalent hot hatchbacks.


  • Toby Ward:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map

    I wanted to leave it a while to leave a review… Because I wanted to get used to the feeling of the remap on my Vauxhall astra Sri 150… What a difference!

    Since having the remap, I have raced a few other cars and it really does shock people. I have beaten a Clio 182. Kept up with an Astra VXR Burg. And also a Focus ST 2.5T.

    I'm really happy with the Remap and would reccomend to anyone. I've also had 140mph out of it since the map!!

    Seriously quick car now!

    Thanks nic!

  • Mark Spurrier:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map

    I had my 1.9CDTi Astra remapped last week at a local garage in Birmingham and wasn't impressed with the power increase if any. After getting no joy from the local garage I turned to the internet and so happy that I did as I stumbled across Tuned n' Styled. I looked over the site and quickly dropped them an email. Nic phoned me to discuss my requirements and after a few conversations to alleviate my concerns I booked in for the re-remap with them.

    Well today was the re-remap day and I can honestly say I'm thrilled with the results. Smoother and so much quicker in Sports Mode, I would recommend any day.


  • Richard Hampson:

    Mazda 5 (Series 2) 2.0D RF 16v 143hp

    After disaster struck and the dreaded DPF Light came on 3 days before our holiday to Cornwall, we was unsure if we would be able to make our annual summer holiday at all as our local garage did not have time to look at our vehicle for us.

    Thankfully for us though he put us in touch with Nic at DPF Removal UK who managed to save the day for us.

    Nic has transformed our car by removing the DPF from it and performing a Stage 1 tune at the same time to give us better performance and economy.

    His service was polite and efficient, and he made sure he managed to fit us in before our holiday.

    I am looking forward to driving the car now on holiday as it runs so well.

    I will be using him for years to come on any future vehicles we own.

  • Manny Singh:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) Custom 888 Style Dual Map 185-220hp and EGR Delete

    Hey Nic, fantastic job mate, really impressed.

    Thought I would give it a couple months to see the difference but it feels like a complete different car!

    Pulls with just the 185bhp off Sports Button. With the sports on 220bhp.

    I just cant get enough of the torque.

    Thanks again mate.

  • Daniel:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map

    I recently had my 1.9 CDTI (150) Astra remapped with the 888 Style Dual Map by Tuned n Styled and what a difference it has made! It has transformed the car with the power and delivery so improved.

    I can’t believe it has actually improved my MPG but also made the car feel like a totally different car to the one I used to drive.

    I cannot recommend Nic highly enough and would not look anywhere else to have any future work done on future vehicles. Service was superb and pleasure to deal with.

    Thanks again Nic

  • Zafira B 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    After having so much trouble with the DPF, which was new a year ago, I decided I had enough.

    I travelled from Hastings to Nottingham, and had a courtesy car for the day, while I had a new Inlet Manifold fitted & the physical part of the DPF removed, then Nic remapped the ECU to complete the DPF removal, performed the 888 Style Dual Map & Disable the EGR Valve.

    The drive back to Hastings was a lot more fun and quicker than the journey there. I could not believe the torque and acceleration on the Sport Button.

    Fantastic job and service at a very reasonable price.

    I would highly recommend anyone with DPF Problems to have this done, saving money in the long run with better fuel economy and a better breathing engine.

    Many thanks Nic.

  • Scott Barrett:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map with EGR Delete

    These guys recently installed the 888 Style Dual Remap with EGR Delete to mine and also my fathers Astra 1.9 16v CDTi's…

    What can I say the improvement is massive on both cars and yet as daily drivers they are even better on fuel than before the map and also a lot smoother and easier to drive…

    The service was fantastic and I would, will be and have recommended them to friends and also to everyone reading this…

    Thanks guys.

  • David Robinson:

    BMW 3 Series E90/91/92/93 – 325d 3.0D 197hp (M57)

    Nic was incredibly helpful and informative in the run up to having my DPF Removed. Maybe one or two initial confusions, but I put this down to my car being slightly unusual compared to similar models!

    After the DPF was removed I was speechless. Car lit up all traction control lights, but even then pulled like a train! Once I got used to the amount of extra sheer power the car has, the car felt ridiculously faster, picks up revs and speed so much faster.

    3 months on, no problems, and still have a huge smile on my face. Huge thanks to Nic and his team for all the work they have done! Cannot recommend them enough! Definately the best money I have spent on the car.

  • Mick:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map 170-200hp and EGR Delete

    I just had Nic remap my Astra 1.9cdti 150.  He did a thoroughly professional job, was extremely friendly and did it at short notice out of hours – a true Gent.  Just drove the car back and wow – seems to be a lot smoother and pulls brilliantly.  Just had three points off of my license…………..

    Seriously, I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone to use Nic and Tuned n' Styled.  Not only is the service excellent but the prices are much much better than you would pay for other 'national' chains for.  To put it in perspective the difference in prices (with no difference in service – I would argue that Nic's is a lot better and more personal) will pay for a tank of fuel and then some.

    Hope you enjoyed the wine Nic – A reward for a job well done. 

    Many thanks,


  • Darren Forsyth:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map 175-210hp and EGR Delete

    Asked Nic for a Dual Map 888 Style, I asked for approx 210hp on Sports Button.

    Car is amazing to drive now… Returns better MPG and pulls like a train!

    Would CERTAINLY recommend Nic for remapping future cars i have! Over the moon with it 🙂

  • Dave H:

    Ford Mondeo 2.2TDCi ST 155hp 16v (ZSD422)

    I'd just like to say thanks Nic at Tuned n' Styled for the Remap.

    What a difference it's made, no more torque limiter on first and second gear, although I can see why Ford put the limiter on there, you only have to touch the throttle and the wheels start to spin.

    Fantastic job, what a difference the Remap's made.

    I would recommend any Mondeo ST 155 owner to give Nic a call, you won't be disappointed!

  • Micky:

    Vauxhall Insignia 2.0CDTi 16v 160hp (A20DTH)

    I contacted Nic a few months ago and after weeks of asking him various questions I finally got round to having my Vauxhall Insignia mapped.

    Due to the age of my Insignia and it having Anti Tuning Protection, the ECU needed to be removed for it to be remapped. Nic kept me informed every step of the way through the remap and even provided me with a Courtesy Car, as he had one available.

    Since the remap I have had a lot of fun embarrassing BMW Reps and Boy Racers in their Hot Hatches who don't expect to be looking at the back of an Insignia from the lights and more so on Dual Carriageways.

    Overall it has improved the acceleration at the lower rev range and once you get into the higher range the torque just means the car just keeps pulling.

    Great fun and money well spent.

    Thanks Nic

  • Andy Lamb:

    Renault Megane 1.9DCi 8v (F9Q762) 120hp / Renault Clio 1.5DCi 8v (K9K-v1) 65hp

    I've had a couple of remaps by Nic and am about due for my third… 🙂

    The first was a Renault Megane Estate 1.9dci 120 (look I got it cheap ok…) 

    The remap showed up an unknown issue which Nic resolved at his own cost!

    When I got the car back I was very impressed with the difference and very happy with the service Nic provided, so much so that I took my next car (Renault Clio 1.9dci 65, can you see a pattern…) in to Nic.

    The previous owner had fitted a budget tuning box that made the dash light up like a Christmas tree when you floored it!

    After the remap it was so much better and quicker (within reason) and the dashboard warning lights stayed off.  

    Will be seeing Nic again soon to sort the girlfriends TT out… 🙂

  • Mark Salt:

    Peugeot 307 2.0L 8v (DW10) HDi 110hp

    Thanks to Nic, the DPF Removal on my Peugeot 307 went without a hitch.

    Efficient organisation and professional workmanship from both Hardware Mechanic and Software Engineer.

    Great results in both driveabilty and economy, at least 5mpg+ round town and recorded +15mpg on the motorway run back from garage (having limped there).

    Have recommended Tuned n’ Styled to my Regular Mechanic – Coxon’s Garage in Burton on Trent, and would have no hesitation in using Nic again or recommending him to my friends.

  • Harvey Singh:

    Audi A3 1.9TDi BLS 105hp 8v DPF Removal, EGR Delete & Strong Custom Remap

    I contacted Nic with regards to DPF Removal on my A3 as the car had an active fault on the exhaust pressure sensor that I wanted rectifying, and I also wanted the DPF Removing before it became troublesome. We discussed options and Nic asked me to call by so he could perform a diagnostic check on the vehicle beforehand.

    After a diagnostic check to confirm the sensor replacement, we discussed DPF Removal & Mapping options. Nic carried out the DPF Removal & Custom Mapping in a timely manner, my vehicle was ready for me by lunchtime, with the new sensor fitted also.

    Very happy with the work carried out, very professional and the power is so much more improved than it was before.

    The car feels 100% spot on and running approx 155hp now…

    Overall very happy with the service provided by DPF Removal UK, would recommend to anybody. I just need to purchase some wider wheels now to alloy the power to be put down better.

    Thanks again Nic for everything.

  • Kev Hirst:

    Zafira B 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    I was looking to get rid of my Zafira due to the monthly issue with the DPF.

    I had to get it sorted anyway so after some forum searching I found out about Nic and Tuned n' Styled and decided to give it a go.

    I had the DPF Removed and the EGR bypassed. Wow what a difference not only has it removed the problem but made the driving experience a whole lot better.

    It's smooth and pulls from the bottom of the rev range, not only that but the jump in power on the Sports Button is amazing.

    Thanks very much to Nic for a great professional job done.

  • Leona Turner:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 120hp 8v (Z19DTL)

    Very very impressed with the service today from Nic, the car feels great, sorted out its hesitation issue with a remap.

    It now flies and has no issues what so ever. The car made me smile before hand but now I smile even more when I get behind the wheel,

    I didn't expect such a massive difference but even before the turbo kicks in the car is very responsive as soon as you touch the gas pedal. 

    I recommend Nic to anyone! SO if your thinking of a remap this guy is great, so a big thank you for today!

    Plus his prices are alot cheaper than most places which is fab for such a fantastic and quality remap.



  • Linty:

    Astra H 1.9CDTi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map 170-200hp and EGR Delete

    After talking to Nic over a period of approx 2 months I finally got my remap done and I must say its put a big grin on my face since he did it, and my fuel economy has improved too!

    A big thanks to Nic for giving me the huge power boost. After he took me out on the test drive a big smile appeared on my face! 🙂

    Recently I took my girlfriend to Oxford, I told her to press the Sports Button, she was so amazed from the pull it gave!

    Thanks again to Nic at Tuned n' Styled, very highly recommended.

  • Peugeot 307 2.0L 8v (DW10) HDi 110hp

    I had already removed the DPF Filter from the exhaust myself, as a result I called on Nic to remove the DPF system and all associated functions from the ECU. At the same time I asked him to perform a Stage 1 Remap. All of which was done perfectly. No problems or lights on the dash now, and the car is far better than it ever was before.

    I also asked him if he could help diagnose an ABS Fault I had, he did this for me with no extra charge, and told me which ABS Sensor was not working correctly and causing problems.

    Nic is very pleasant and it's nice to see a professional and excellent job, will recommend to anyone, in fact I have already to a friend of mine.

    Many Thanks for all your help,


  • Adrian Stonier:

    Zafira B 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    Nic did a DPF, Cat and EGR Removal on my Zafira 1.9CDTi 150 SRi. What a difference it has made. It's so much smoother on the power delivery and puts a smile on my face everytime I hit the sports button, and shocks a lot of cars when I beat them off the lights.

    Would highly recommend Nic to anyone.

    Very helpful bloke and knows his stuff.

  • William Hoult:

    VW Caddy Van Mk2 1.9TDi 8v 90hp

    I've had my motor remapped by Nic to give it that bit extra.

    I've used Nic before as he did such a good job on my previous motor and has done another great job again!

    Struggles top end, but I think that is down to it being a van, or maybe in need of a new MAF, but low end is unbelievable.

    I'm just rebuilding my engine at the moment with a few upgrades, and it will require a map tweak afterwards, of course I shall be using Nic again…

    I would recommend it to anyone for the increase in performance and economy and of course the good customer service!  

  • Mike Coburg:

    Astra G 1.7DTi 75hp 16v (Y17DT) 

    Well finally made the trip and got my 1.7 DTI sorted out. 

    Was a 3 hour drive up, but was able to get a benchmark mpg of 51.71 based on 196 miles and 17.23 liters. 

    Nic was professional and went straight about checking all was in order before starting. All good so a backup of the current setup was taken and the remap process begun. 

    Next the upload and config. About 15 minutes later a brief pause while the ECU was allowed to reset properly, and good to go. 

    Quick test drive and all was well so bid Nic a good night.

    After a 270 mile drive and 21.55 liters I now have a 56.96 mpg so along with the far better response from the engine, no flat spot anymore, and pulls like a train, I am also getting better consumption.

    Nice job Nic and thanks.


  • Steven Hunt:

    Zafira B 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) Strong Custom 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    After speaking to Nic over a period of about a year and a half I finally got round to having my Zafira 1.9CDTi 150 booked in to have pre cat, main cat and dpf filter removed from the exhaust system and also egr delete and dual power map.

    The car now runs fantastic and suprises alot of other cars especially for its size. I would definately recommend Nic as he knows what he is doing and has always been very helpfull whenever ive had any questions and is very good on price.

    I will be using him again for a tweak map when i get my new intercooler and exhaust system.

    Many thanks Nic.

  • Chris Wood:

    Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    After having my car remapped by Nic at Tuned n' Styled a few months ago I thought I'd leave a follow up message on my Astra 1.9CDTi with a 888 Style Dual Map…

    The car pulls extremely well! Even when not in sport mode! I do a lot of motorway miles and the fuel consumption from standard to the remap is execeptional! Returning 50+mpg on a steady drive!

    When in "Sports" mode (running full power) it's a completely different car and surprises a lot of people! Comparing my old remap by another company, well it doesn't compare and activating some of the extra features on my car was very welcomed as well, including cruise control!

    I would recommend Nic to anyone and have done many of times! 

  • Jerry Moffat:

    2010 Vauxhall Astravan Sportive 1.7CDTI 100hp 16v (Z17DTH)

    I have covered 11,000 miles since owning this van in 2 months (21,000) and have been disappointed with the engine noise at tick-over and creeping in traffic and having to change down from 6th at 60mph with a general feel of having to keep pushing on the accelerator for slight acceleration.

    Now since Tuned n' Styled has remapped the ECU it feels a different vehicle. It's a lot softer sounding on tick-over, a lot livelier and now can pull at 60 in 6th with no need to change gear, it feels like it's been let off a leash, it's pulling now instead of being pushed along…

    I would recommend Nic's services to anybody with a rough sounding diesel engine with lackluster performance… Thanks!

  • Adam Simpson:

    Audi A4 2.0 TDI 170hp 16v (PD VAG)

    A big thank you to Nic for sorting my DPF and EGR. The difference in the car is fantastic, it's like a brand new car.

    I'd recommend to anyone and everyone, the prices are fantastic compared to pretty much all other garages.

    Nic was confident on what needed doing and spoke to me over a period of time to what I needed doing with my car and what the work would achieve, with no pressure or false selling.

    Thanks again for a fantastic job.

  • Matt Hood:

    Seat Leon Mk2 FR TDi 170hp 16v (PD VAG)

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Remap and DPF Delete on my Leon. The gains are amazing, torque everywhere through all gears and revs, 6th gear feels like the old 4th 🙂 The engine responds quicker than a blink of my eye. I didn't know it could be this quick.

    Another big improvement is the mpg, I usually get average of 56 mpg on my way to work, now however I'm getting at least 60mpg+, I got average of 57mpg on the way home yesterday and that was with me gunning it quite a bit 🙂

    Anyone reading this with the 170PD VAG engine get yourself booked in with Nic, you WON''T regret it.

    Massive thanks to Nic at Tuned n' Styled!

  • Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    I had been thinking about a remap for a few weeks. I had read all I could find as to what was involved and the results people got. I decided to go with Tuned n' Styled. I arranged to go up to where Nic is based so as to enjoy the drive home after and combined this with an overnight stay in Nottingham.

    We met up with Nic for the remap. I wanted a Dual Map as I love the sport button for nipping out on roundabouts etc. Well, sods law, it seemed I had a problem car as it would not run on any of the maps Nic had tried. He was out on test for over an hour trying to get my car to accept a map. Nic returned with my car and told me he had to reinstall my original software but had taken a copy to try and see why my ECU was not happy with any modified maps. He said he had never been beaten by a 1.9CDTi yet.

    Later that day Nic came out to where we were staying to try 3 new maps. It seemed the second map worked but could only be tested in town traffic. Nic said to try it next day and let him know how it felt. Next day I gave it a good test on all types of road and felt it was not quite performing at speeds over 40mph. I contacted Nic and we arranged to meet later that day.

    We met with Nic and explained the way the car was driving. He then installed the third map which was not tried from the day before and he then took the car out for a test. He was back 15 minutes later with a smile on his face and said for me to take the car out with sport button off and come back with it on. The car is amazing! Now it just goes and goes. It pulls hard in every gear. I even managed to miss the exit on the A52 as I was enjoying the drive so much. I only managed to use the sport button for a short time as I ran out of road, lol. Back to a patient Nic who had been waiting while I found my way back after my extended test drive a very happy customer. Nic said he had not been beaten by a 1.9CDTi and he can still say that with confidence.

    I managed to take up quite a bit of Nic's weekend but he never made me feel I was cutting in on his time. He delivered exactly what had been asked for, a Dual 888 Style Map with EGR Delete. I have driven the car for a week now and it still makes me smile. A very happy customer.

    Thank you Nic. Sorry I wrote a book.

  • Chris Wood:

    Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    Had my Astra 1.9CDTi SRi remapped by Nic from Tuned n' Styled with a Dual Sports Button Map and what difference it made!

    Nic is a top guy and answered all my questions and concerns.

    The custom map is amazing as well, nice smooth power but seriously strong, great guy would recommend to anyone!

  • Paul Martin:

    Vauxhall Astra 1.7CDTi 100hp 16v (Z17DTH)

    Just had a remap done on my 1.7CDTi by Nic at Tuned n' Styled, just want to say how pleased I am with the results.

    Instant improvement in power and more low end torque. Feels like a different car. Hope to see improvement on fuel too.

    I almost gave Nic too much money but he was honest enough to point out my error!

    Can't speak highly enough of his service and I would recommend him to anyone whose thinking of a remap.

  • Will Lowe:

    Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    I wanted more power from my car so I contacted Nic.

    He quoted me a great price for the remap and decat. He booked me in for the work the following week so I drove down to Nottingham, I was very happy with the results.

    Next year I will be looking at upgrading to a hybrid turbo and uprated intercooler, I will be going back to Nic for a new Stage 3 map with confidence.

    Very professional and great service, recommended to anyone.

  • Steve:

    Vauxhall Astra 1.9CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH)

    Well took today off to travel over to Nottingham to visit Nic and have my Astra SRi 150 remapped, I have had a box on my last two 150's so thought I knew what I was in for, how wrong was I…..

    Turned up about 11am, Nic promptly read the ecu map from my car. I asked for an aggressive single map about 200hp, and he suggested we map the egr out. Who am I to argue, anyhoo with the changes made he put the new software on my car and took it for a journey, you could feel the difference straight away.

    Took the car up to the "private" road, lol and gave it some beans, the power delivery was so smooth compared to the insane power delivery of the tuning box, don't get me wrong the tuning box is a great bit of kit and on a RR recently made the same as a T8 and another EDS mapped car but the power would come in with the turbo and be a bit of a handful. The remap delivers the power in a more refined way and keeps on pulling until your way past the wrong side of the speed limit,

    I wish I could say that my mpg has increased but to be honest I didn't drive back to Birmingham as conservatively as I drove down to Nottingham. I would definately recommend Nic to anyone considering a remap, the price is fantastic and IMO a great way to get what Vauxhall should have done to the 1.9 engine instead of holding it back so it could sell its flagship VXR models.

    I was planning on swapping the car for an ST and even stopped off to look at one in Nuneaton this morning but with this map on the car I think I will hold on that idea for now. Thanks Nic 🙂

  • Mike:

    Astra H 1.9 CDTi SRi 150hp 16v (Z19DTH) 888 Style Dual Map and EGR Delete.

    I had my Astra Sri 150 remapped by Tuned n' Styled about a month back.

    I just wanna say what a great job Nic did. I can't believe the difference it has made, it feels like having a new car.

    I went for the dual map on the sports button.

    All in all a very happy customer, good product, great price! Nice guy!


  • Jamie:

    Vauxhall Astra 1.7CDTi 100hp 16v (Z17DTH)

    It feels like a completely different car.

    Power throughout the full rev range now and the torque is awesome. 80mph, floor it and the front end rises with the power.

    Torque is instant rather than laggy with the standard map.

    Mpg now averages 67mpg on a small run over the 59mpg on standard.

    Overall very impressed with the remap that Tuned n Styled have performed. Recommend them to anyone, my brother being the first!!

  • Michael:

    Vauxhall Astra 1.7CDTi 100hp 16v (Z17DTH)

    Had my Z17DTH (Astra 1.7CDTi) remapped by Nic and I can't fault the service he provided!

    I had a little niggle with the original remap style (I couldn't fully decide how I wanted the power delivery!) but it was no trouble for Nic to pay a second visit to me to resolve my concerns with a different map style.

    Top guy, top remap, top service! Can't recommend Tuned n' Styled enough!

  • Luke:

    Vauxhall Astra 1.9CDTi 120hp 16v (Z19DTH)

    I cannot thank Nic from Tuned n Styled enough, he has done a cracking job of tuning my car, the car runs a lot better on the remap than it ever did on the tuning box that I had previously fitted.

    He played around with a few different map styles to demonstrate what can be done with a remap and then let me choose which one I liked the best.

    He's a great guy and does a cracking job for the price. Recommended highly!

  • William Hoult:

    VW Golf Mk4 1.9 8v 110hp GT TDi

    Before I had Nic remap my motor it was feeling slow and sluggish, I was toying with the idea for a while, and finally decided to go for it.

    It was the best investment I think I've ever made, the difference it made is unbelievable, raw power instantly, even increased top end speed too, as I was getting up to 110mph before and was struggling but after the remap I can get up to 125mph+

    It also increased the mpg as well, after I had it remapped I went to Cornwall and managed to get an average of 80.2MPG doing a steady 65mph/70mph, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!!

  • MC TRAVEL of Long Eaton:

    Ford Transit 2.4 TDDi 90 T350 / VW Transporter (T5) 2.5TDi 131

    Nic did a taster on our slowest and most uneconomical minibus.

    Before the remap it averaged 23mpg, after the remap it averages 28mpg, thats over 20% improvement on the mpg, and the bus also has more torque as a result from it.

    He is now working his way through the fleet and has just done our 8 Seater 2.5TDi 131 VW Transporter (T5) the torque is definitely increased and we will know shortly what mpg increase it has too.

    MC TRAVEL, Minibus Hire in Derby, Nottingham and the East Midlands.


  • Devern:

    Audi A3 TDI 2.0 PD 140hp 16v (8P)

    Nic at Tuned n' Styled remapped my car today and I can't stop smiling!! 🙂

    I previously had a Drake Tuning Box installed which was ok but just wasn't quite enough…

    Nic removed this for me and did a full remap and I'm glad I asked him to do this.

    A lot faster 0-60, pulls in every gear, I am well impressed!! 🙂

  • Craig:

    VW Golf 5 2.0 16v TFSI GTI 200hp

    I was recommended to Nic from Tuned n' Styled by two friends, Reece and Jay, who'd had their Audi A4 2.0 TFSI 220 (DTM) and VW Golf 5 2.0 TFSI GTI 200 remapped by him earlier in the month.

    They couldn't stop smiling and raving on about how good their remap was.

    I decided to have mine remapped too and I can fully understand why they were so happy.

    The power is there instantly on tap, pick up is loads better, pulls through every gear strongly.

    When I swap this car for a new one I will definitely be going back to Tuned n' Styled to have that one remapped too!!

  • Gaz:

    VW Golf 4 GT TDI 1.9 8v PD 130hp

    Having had my previous Golf's mapped, having this one remapped was just inevitable.

    The car runs totally standard at the mo, and now is a lot livelier after the remap.

    The engine revs a lot easier on idle, and the power and torque curves are a lot smoother and stronger, the difference and increase is instantly noticeable.

    In the future I will be doing Decat and EGR delete mods. Nic has taken these into account so I won't need a second remap when I do.

    Professional, friendly advice and spot on service, can recommend Tuned n' Styled to anyone.

  • Ian:

    Rover MG ZT CDTI 135+131

    The only thing I’d done to my car was removed the EGR valve and blanked it off, everything else was totally standard.

    I wanted to achieve more power and torque out of my car, so I decided to have it remapped by Nic at Tuned n’ Styled.

    I was a little skeptical at how increasing your power and torque could give you a better mpg, but that it does. I’m receiving an extra 5 to 10 mpg after the remap (depending on how I drive it…)

    I’m more than happy with the remap, the increase was instantly noticeable, with power all the way through the gears and the rev range, and there was particularly lots of power on tap in 3rd which is very handy… Thanks mate!

  • Justin:

    VW Bora TDI 1.9 PD 130

    I had done a few mods to my car, removed the EGR, fitted a panel filter and a full stainless decat exhaust system.

    The power delivery was already quite good for a standard map.

    I asked Nic at Tuned n’ Styled to do me a strong remap for me, now the power is much smoother and stronger than before, the torque increase is phenomenal. I’d say the power has got to be in the 170/180 area, will be rolling roading it soon to see for sure. Thanks mate!

  • Steve:

    VW Passat TDI 1.9 PD 130

    After reading a lot about remaps and the gains that you get for a modest price, Remapping went straight on my wish list for my 130PD.

    I looked to find someone local with a good reputation, someone that was recommended and trustworthy to do a quality job. I noticed a few names kept cropping up again and again so I had a look on their website and it all looked good with some brilliant customer reviews so I gave them a bell. A friendly phone call later and my car was booked in. It took around 2 hours to do the remap.

    The car now pulls and I mean PULLS straight through the gears and it has lost that little bit of "Diesel Lag" that it always had.

    All in all I'm more than happy with the difference the remap has made to my car, I would recommend it to anyone looking for more power without spending an arm and a leg.

  • Guy:

    Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150 16v (Z19DTH)

    I recently had my 1.9 CDTI (150) Vectra remapped and all I can say is WOW!! I actually look forward to getting in the car and going for a drive now it’s so much fun. The benefits I got were huge, increased MPG (+5mpg), LOTS more torque and it's very amusing when you easily pull away from cars you shouldn't be able to beat, to see the look on their faces… priceless! It was a nippy car before but was covered in flat spots and wasn't the best for power delivery, but with the remap it's got rid of all this and the power delivery is smooth and now readily available. Great service, will be recommending to all my friends, thank you.

  • Daz:

    VW Golf 4 GT TDI 1.9 PD 130

    Had my 2002 Golf GT TDI 130 (95k Miles) remapped over 2 months ago and it continues to a put smile on my face! It has fantastic pull throughout the rev range. The power improvement is vast with very little change in my average MPG. The Golf won't be the last car to go for a remap that’s for sure!

  • Carl:

    VW Golf 4 1.8T 20V GTI 150 with Exhaust Decat

    The remap is out of this world considering that my car is sat on an 115k K03 turbo and can shift as you have allowed it to with a map is out of this world. The car has a lot more low down power, once the pedal is dropped the car is transformed and just keeps pulling like a train. Wanna get it on the rollers to see how she does, but either way loving it and having so much fun. Roll on FMIC and hybrid turbo!!!

  • Jamie:

    VW Golf 4 1.8T 20V GTI 150

    My Golf has been turned into a different car. Would recommend to anyone, my mate Carl is coming to see you soon if he hasn't already. Thanks!

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